Design & Engineering

Thermoforming is a simple yet demanding industrial technique as it is increasingly replacing other methods. Consequently, this plastic conversion process requires ever more advanced and competitive human and technical skills, and full control over all process stages. The DE VISU group recruits highly qualified staff in order to meet even the most demanding customer specifications. The whole project is supervised by the Muret design office, from design through to the preparation of the initial prototype. Drawing upon this acquired expertise, the DE VISU group is able to guarantee project feasibility and ensure that when it reaches the production phase the product offers recognised quality and genuine added value. Aiming for excellence is part of the corporate culture of the DE VISU group and its subsidiaries.

The state-of-the-art high-tech equipment (including CATIA, CAD/CAM and ERP for example) and this acquired industrial know-how make it possible to manage comprehensive requirements and to supply complete subassemblies, ready to be integrated directly on the manufacturer’s assembly lines.


Le Thermoformage : les éléments et objets en matière plastique sont omniprésents dans notre quotidien. Obtenus par thermoformage – technique qui consiste à rendre un matériau adapté en état de ductilité pour une mise en forme par contact sur un outillage