In 1965, our founder Henri CASTELLANO made a name for himself thanks to his skills in converting acrylic into canopies for light aircraft. Today, DE VISU’s reputation continues to be based on the capacity of the group and its subsidiaries to skilfully convert transparent PMMA thermoplastic of a very high optical quality.

In 1978, the DE VISU group focused the activities of its SOPLAMI subsidiary on the thermoforming of interior trim for aircraft and also invested in new assembly systems.

Combining thermoforming (a simple and inexpensive technique) with the latest production engineering technologies has enabled SOPLAMI and KOMOTEA to achieve constant growth through innovation. The engineers and technicians in the DE VISU group’s R&D Department have the task of meeting even the most demanding specifications and schedules of conditions. In doing so, each of our subsidiaries benefits from the group's combined skills and performance.


Le Thermoformage : les éléments et objets en matière plastique sont omniprésents dans notre quotidien. Obtenus par thermoformage – technique qui consiste à rendre un matériau adapté en état de ductilité pour une mise en forme par contact sur un outillage