Effective control over all aspects of the commitments we offer our clients, from raw materials through to final inspection is a key priority required by the DE VISU group of its subsidiaries.

The use of a paperless production order system allows for interactive traceability scheduling from the allocation of raw materials through to delivery of the finished product to the client (allocation, thermoforming, machining, finishing, assembly, painting and silk screen printing) displaying the availability of all materials and suitable tooling.

Over the last three years, DE VISU’s machine resources have virtually doubled (180%). The new high-performance 5-axis machining centres have increased our machining capacity by 100%.

DE VISU’s production resource planning is carefully managed to optimise production flows and to achieve a perfect match between workloads and capacities.

In addition to the annual decision-making process used to decide investments based on forecasts, the DE VISU group also carries out ad hoc studies to adapt workloads to capacity and to meet all of its clients’ needs.   

The optimisation of raw material stocks (200+ products) is based on a highly pragmatic and well adapted stock management model involving the rotation of extruded sheets and carefully managed investments.

Various stock management models are used: from minimum stock to "just-in-time" (JIT), not forgetting the Kanban system, the VMI system and the digital management of stock levels.



Le Thermoformage : les éléments et objets en matière plastique sont omniprésents dans notre quotidien. Obtenus par thermoformage – technique qui consiste à rendre un matériau adapté en état de ductilité pour une mise en forme par contact sur un outillage